Februar 2020

Successfully continued. Three years as successor at Karl E. Dietsche.

In 2017, Fauth GmbH + Co KG acquired the business of its partner Karl E. Dietsche GmbH & Co. KG, carried on the good name DIETSCHE and filled it with vitality. Three years after the handover, Denis du Bois, Managing Director of Fauth GmbH + Co KG, draws a positive balance. Today, the tradition of this special company lives on in FAUTH, so that after more than 80 years the company can continue to operate successfully on the market under the name DIETSCHE.

The principles of Hermann Enning and his predecessors and how managed their company also correspond in detail to the credo of the FAUTH employees. Values such as reliability, stability, expertise and quality are also the basis for FAUTH's long-term successful business.

Since the handover, DIETSCHE customers have had the opportunity to purchase from FAUTH's broad product portfolio and thus benefit from synergies in procurement. With fast and innovative logistics solutions FAUTH simplifies the supply of high-quality raw materials and products of the chemical industry. As a certified company according to DIN ISO 9001:2015, FAUTH offers optimal conditions for the secure supply of the necessary raw materials for production.


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Fauth GmbH + Co. KG
Mannheim (Germany)
Innstraße 35-37 
T +49 621 419 41-0
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