Reliable and fair.

Contract production with Fauth.

Reliable and fair.

Contract production with Fauth.

Fauth sees itself as a service provider for the chemical industry and other industrial segments as well as a reliable partner for the contract production of liquid and solid mixtures. Fauth develops, produces, assembles and distributes chemical products that meet the highest demands and are tailored to your needs with the highest level of efficiency and a quality management system that meets the latest standards.

We are your partner for high quality contract manufacturing: from the control and analysis of the starting materials to the formulation of individual recipes and the reliable packaging and labelling (private label) to the guaranteed delivery of the finished product - from a small container to a tanker. And Fauth also takes over the packaging design on request. Our customers can always rely on the strictest confidentiality. The advantages of Fauth are clear to see. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

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