Convincing and honest.

Reasons for Fauth.

Convincing and honest.

Reasons for Fauth.

There are many reasons for a career at Fauth. Discover the most important ones here:

Family business
Since its foundation Fauth has been owner-managed and we live the idea of the family business every day - in dealing with our customers and partners. And: We take our work very personally.

Stability is a maxim of our actions, because today's business should be the foundation of tomorrow's business. That is why vision is particularly important to us.

Flat hierarchies guarantee short decision-making processes and efficient action. That is why our structures are simple and fast.

As a chemical company, we are aware of our social responsibility towards our customers, partners, employees and colleagues. And regarding our common environment, every day.

We stand by our word. No ifs and buts. This reliability is the foundation on which we have run our business for more than 110 years. Actually, it is no secret.

Career opportunities
Perform with us, grow with us. We develop our business by developing our employees. With our training and further education system you have all the opportunities you need - ideal for motivated newcomers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:

Fauth GmbH + Co. KG

Denis du Bois
Innstraße 35–37
68199 Mannheim

T +49 621 41941-42





Fauth GmbH + Co. KG
Mannheim (Germany)
Innstraße 35-37 
T +49 621 419 41-0
F +49 621 419 41-49