Worth knowing and exciting.

The Fauth company.

Worth knowing and exciting.

The Fauth company.

Since 1905, Fauth's goal has been to provide you with easy and effective access to chemical raw materials and products. Today, as in the past, we supply controlled quality of the best products, to suit your requirements. We ensure a secure supply for your long-term success and think according to your best interests. We see the market from your perspective - you are welcome to take a look at what makes the difference at Fauth.



Fauth is a trader, manufacturer, medium sized company and family business. Since its founding in 1905, and thus since the beginning of the entire chemical industry in Germany, Fauth has been an established player in the SME sector. Through times of considerable turmoil in history, Fauth has written its own successful story. Always with a view from the past and at the same time with a view to the future. Discover our history and find out why Fauth is well prepared for tomorrow.



The principles of Fauth are simple: We value our tradition, are reliable and are consistent with our customers, partners and employees. For more than 115 years, Fauth has stood for innovation, flexibility and versatility. We are professionals in our field because we love what we do



By means of a quality management system in line with the latest standards and awareness of responsibility, we create the framework for constantly improving our services and further optimising our quality.



Keep up to date. In our news section you will find interesting information about Fauth as well as products, raw materials and services.





Fauth GmbH + Co. KG
Mannheim (Germany)
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