March 2020

Actions on COVID-19 - Notes on production and delivery processes at Fauth

Due to the spreading COVID-19 epidemic and the resulting effects on economic cycles, procurement channels and supply chains, we hereby announce that we have taken measures to maintain our ability to supply and are actively monitoring the course of this crisis. The current measures at Fauth include in particular:

  • Stockpiling of quantities* of your product for further delivery.
  • Early notification of supply bottlenecks for your products.
  • Information about procurement bottlenecks and problems within the logistics and supply chains.
  • Flow charts for maintaining deliveries and documentation.
  • Contingency plans for lockdown situations

(* Valid for purchased raw materials and products within the last 6 months, rationing, partial deliveries and bottlenecks possible)

We deeply regret the circumstances, but at the same time we would like to point out that in our 115 years of company history more than 10 pandemics have ravaged European soil. We therefore rely on very good, existing structures to be at your disposal as a partner in this challenging market situation.


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