June 2019

Fauth takes over the distribution of the Fratelli Parodi special esters in Germany - tailored and sustainable solutions for the textile, fibre and lubricant industries.

Mannheim/Campomorone (Genoa), 16 June 2019. The Mannheim based chemical trader and producer of chemical products Fauth GmbH + Co. KG and the Italian specialist in the production of esters and other oleo-chemical products Fratelli Parodi have agreed to an exclusive distribution cooperation in Germany. The agreement covers the entire portfolio in the chemical-technical and industrial sectors. Until now Fratelli Parodi supplied the German market directly from their headquarters in Campomorone (Genoa) in northern Italy.

With this collaboration, Fauth will complement its product range and, together with Fratelli Parodi, in the future will be offering tailor-made complete solutions for the textile, fibre and lubricant industries. Esters are used in fibre preparation or as lubricants in fibre production. Likewise, esters are used in the production of biogenic lubricants. Their share in this segment has been increasing steadily for years. But also in the conventional lubricant sector, esters based on renewable raw materials are used in almost all applications to achieve improved biodegradability. Esters in the segment of speciality lubricants have become the material of choice as they also offer solutions for demanding tasks.

The target sectors of the distribution cooperation are the textile and fibre industry, the printing ink industry and the lubricant industry, from medium-sized manufacturers to major corporations. Fauth already supplies the German market with tailor-made solutions and products in these sectors. In the high-growth field of sustainable, biological lubricants, Fauth and Fratelli Parodi see great potential for high-performance ester-based products. According to the joint assessment of both partners, these form the future of lubricant technology.

Both family-owned companies have a long and successful history and extensive experience in speciality ester-based chemistry. The innovative strength of the founding generation continues to characterise both companies to this day and is reflected in a large number of new developments from their own research and development. As part of the cooperation, Fauth plans to expand its production and logistics capacities further at the Rhein-Neckar innovation hub.


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